Original JLGA By-Laws, JLGA General Rules & Regulations, JLGA Show Rules, JLGA Safety Disclaimer, JLGA "End of Year" Awards & Banquet Requirements, were first formed by the JLGA Governing Body Members & were approved & adopted for use by the JLGA only, by a majority of the Governing Body Members present at the December 2007 JLGA Governing Body Meeting. 

The above mentioned Rules & Guidelines with the addition of the Show Season Specific Rules (added 12/02/009) are listed below & a hard copy is kept at all JLGA events at the registration table. It is the responsibility of all exhibitors and their parents to read & be familiar with all JLGA Rules & Guidelines concerning events they are participating in. Upon registering & pay of show fees all Exhibitors & their parents & family are agreeing to abide by all JLGA Rules & Guidelines. (Listed under Show Rules, Section 2 Entries & Registration, Rule 6 Added 11/14/09) 

(Added November 2010) ALL JLGA rules, regulations, requirements, disclaimers, & verifications apply to ALL JLGA Open Youth Goat Shows & ALL JLGA related activities only.

JLGA By-Laws

JLGA General Rules & Regulations

JLGA Show Rules

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JLGA Safety Disclaimer

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