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   Junior Louisiana Goat Association

Do you have to be a member and/or live in the state of Louisiana to show?

NO. Any youth ages 0-19 years of age as of January 1 of the year they are wishing to show may show whether or not they are a member. This rule can be found under "JLGA Association General Rules & Regulations"  under "Youth Membership" & "Age Limit"

Can you only show Bayou Certified Goats?

NO. All goats are welcome providing they meet all other requirements of their respective classes. Please see individual class descriptions listed above in "JLGA Show Rules" Sections 9-13 

What are the requirements for a goat to be eligible for Bayou Certification?

Goat must have been conceived within the state of Louisiana. This may have been via natural breeding or AI or flush means however procedure must have been done in Louisiana. Goat then must have been born & raised to weaning age in the state of Louisiana. Click here for more information.

Is there a minimum or maximum market weight for JLGA classes and can intact males be shown in the market class?

There is no minimum or maximum market weights in JLGA market classes. No intact males may be shown in this class. If they have not been wethered before the show you are wishing to show them in, they must be wethered or have a castration band in place. 

Can someone else show my youth's goats?

NO. All youth must show their own goats, with the exception when they have more than one goat per class. They then may ask another youth to help them show their other goat, but they themselves must be in the ring with their other goat. For other exceptions please see Show Rules.

My youth is unexpectedly sick or injured may someone else show their goats?

These incidences are brought before the JLGA Board of Directors on a case by case basis. However if it is approved, the sick or injured youth must be present at the show at ring side when their goats are being shown.

Can goats show with or without horns?

Louisiana market goats must be disbudded or dehorned. Out of state youth may show their market goats according to their State 4-H Rules & Guidelines, however they must present a copy of these Rules & Guidelines to the JLGA Secretary at time of check in.Fullblood Boer Bucks, Fullblood Boer Does, Percentage Boer Does, & Commercial Does may show with orwithout horns.All dairy goats must be disbudded or dehorned.All Pygmy goats must be disbudded or dehorned.Currently JLGA AOB Classes consist of any other breeds than boers or pygmies. Most of those breeds may show with or without horns.If you are uncertain whether or not you have a breed that has to be disbudded or dehorned, please feel free to contact Mrs. Cindy at boeredsillygoatranch@hotmail.com or contact that specific breed registry for their show standards regarding horns.

​Is there a difference between horns & scurs?

YES. Horns are what most goats are born with except is they are naturally polled (born without horn buds). As they grow out, 95% of the time they will be round & pointed on the ends.Scurs are what sometimes happens after a goat has been disbudded or dehorned. Most of the time when they start coming back they are more flat & sometimes curve.

​What are excessive scurs?

Scurs that are longer than 1" in length.

My goats are getting scurs or has excessive scurs, may they still show?

Goats breeds that are required to be disbudded or dehorned may show with excessive scurs. It is up to the discretion of the judge at each show whether or not this will affect their placings that day.

My goat should have had it's horns disbudded or removed as a baby however they still have horns. Is there anyway to safely remove these horns so they can be shown?

When purchasing any goat always make sure to do your homework & research on that breed especially if you plan to show the goat as some breeds have specific breed show standards.Please be aware that there are risks associated with removal of older goats horns such as infection & regrowth. Always check with a Veterinarian first.If your goat was not disbudded or dehorned, first check with the person you purchased the goat from for more information. Then consult a Veterinarian of your choice that is familiar with dehorning goats.Some persons do remove older goat horns by using castrating bands on the horns to cause them to fall off after a certain period of time. If you have never done this, don't attempt it on your own. Consult others that are more familiar with this process & have had success at it.

My goat's horns are being banded in order for them to be removed, may they still show?

YES. As long as the bands are in place & progress towards no horns can be noted, then they may show.

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