I have decided to Show goats. Which one is right for me?


First you need to know what classes are offered through your 4-H & FFA Associations in your state - Since the types of shows & classes differ from state to state & show to show, the best thing is to contact your local County Agent for your Parish or County or contact the person in charge of the show you are thinking about exhibiting in.

Common Classes Offered in 4-H/FFA Shows in Louisiana:


mostly wethered males meat breed or cross of meat breed & other breeds (mostly boer crosses) - Some exhibitors do opt to show does in market classes - Rules vary from State to State & show to show, so please check with your county agent in your state or the Show Secretary or person in charge of the show you are thinking about exhibiting in - Here in Louisiana most show no longer mouth Market Goats (but remember to check with the show personnel to make sure) - ALL must be disbudded or dehorned & must be slick sheared from the knees up including the head, excluding the pom on the end of the tail - Non-bred doelings may show following all the above rules including disbudding or dehorning & slick shearing - most shows do not allowed market does to show in the market class & then also the same day show in another classes they may qualify for - Check with show personnel to make sure - The JLGA does allow non-bred does to show as market goats & on the same day show in another class they qualify for (Commercial Does, Percentage Does, or Fullblood Does) providing a separate entry fee is paid.


unregistered does mostly boer crosses - as always check the rules of the show(s) you are planning to attend - some shows may require the does to be slick sheared or to have COM DOE tattooed in their ears & classes may vary - JLGA rules requires that all Commercial Does must have COM tattooed in one ear & DOE in the other - they do not have to be slick sheared & may show with or without horns.


Registered Boer Bucks from purebred status up to 100% - Must be papered.


Registered Boer Does from purebred status up to 100% - Must be papered.


Registered percentage Boer Does from 50% up to purebred status - Must be papered.


Always remember to check with the individual shows you are planning to attend as some shows are different in what they class as AOB - Here in La. the 4-H shows AOB include all other breeds besides Boer - Some have began to have Pygmy & some Dairy Breed classes as the numbers have been increasing - For the JLGA Shows we divide our AOB classes to make it fairer for the kids competing because it is hard to compare a dairy breed to a meat breed - In the JLGA we have AOB Buck & Doe Classes which are any other meat breeds than boers or Pygmies such as Myotonic (Fainting Goats), Savannahs, any hair breeds such as Angora or Cashmere, or any dual purpose goats such as the Kinder breed - Also for JLGA shows the AOB goats must be registered purebred status up to 100% - Again always check with show personnel of the shows you are attending for their specific rules.

The JLGA also has Dairy Doe & Buck Classes which are for Dairy breeds only as recognized by the American Dairy Goat Association - they must be registered American or Purebred - some 4-H Shows still class dairy goats as AOBs, so remember to check with the show personnel with other shows you have an interest in or plan on attending.


Unfortunately some times with other breeds more bucklings are born than can be used as such and/or not all are meant to be and/or not the quality to be kept as bucks - Most other Breed Registries (except Boer Registries) started a few years ago having registered wether companion classes - To help promote these "companion wethers" the JLGA has in the past & will continue to have an AOB Companion Wether Class for the 2014 Show Season - This class with be for any other registered purebred up to 100% any other breed wethers except Boer Breeds.       

If you still are really undecided as to which breed or class of goats is right for you, visit a show in your area - Almost any given weekend there is a show going on somewhere - For a list of JLGA Shows, please follow the Upcoming Events link above. Also check with your local 4-H Agent and or check out the following assocations for upcoming specialty breeds shows:

     American Angora Goat Breeders - www.aagba.org 
     American Boer Goat Association -
     American Dairy Goat Association - www.adga.org
     American Goat Society - www.americangoatsociety.com 
     American Fainting Goat Organization - www.americanfaintinggoat.com 
     American Kiko Goat Association - www.kikogoats.com 
     American Meat Goat Association - www.meatgoats.com 
     Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association - www.cagba.org
     International Dairy Goat Registry - www.idgr.info/index/ 
     International Fainting Goat Association - www.faintinggoat.com
     Kinder Goat Breeders Assocation - www.kindergoatsbreeders.com 
     Miniature Dairy Goat Association - www.miniaturedairygoats.com 
     Miniature Goat Breeders Association - www.miniaturegoatbreedersassociation.com 
     Miniature Silky Fainting Goat Association - www.msfgaregistry.org 
     Myotonic Goat Registry - www.myotonicgoatregistry.net
     National Kiko Registry - www.nationalkikoregistry.com
     National Miniature Goat Association - www.nmga.net 
     National Pygmy Goat Association -
     Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association -
     North American Savannah Association -
     Pedigree International - www.pedigreeinternational.com - Pedigree International is a registry for domestic, rare, and/or exotic breeds of sheet & goats - They current Herd Books include: Dopcroix Sheep, Gene-Master Meat Goats, Kiko Goats, Myotonic Goats - They also maintain Herdbooks for Pet and Pack type goats that require registration to meet USDA Scrapie requirements but do not fit into any other specific breed registry. 
     Spanish Goat Association Breed - www.spanishgoats.org
     United States Boer Goat Association - www.usbga.org

If there are other registries you would like to see listed above, please let us know secretary@jlga.org or you can Facebook us.

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