"KIDS" The Future of the Goat Industry

   Junior Louisiana Goat Association

How do I take care of my goat?


   1. Good Shelter - have a place that is warm & dry in the winter & rainy seasons & one that is well ventilated in the summer. Do a search on the internet. There are lots of goat breeders out there with pictures of their barns on their websites.
   2. Good Nutrition - there are many different feeds with varying nutritional values to them. Best thing is to talk to the breeder where you purchased your goats & ask others that have been in the business for a while for advise on feeds
   3. Fresh water - goats needs fresh water all the time.

There is lots of information on the web concerning goat health & care, do a search. Some places that we like to go are listed below:
   Jack Mauldin - www.jackmauldin.com - great info on health & diseases & what to look for
   Onion Creek Ranch -
www.tennesseemeatgoats.com - another great place for information.

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