JLGA Bayou Certified Program
The main focus of the JLGA is & always will be the youth & their goat projects.  In keeping with this focus, the JLGA put the Bayou Certified Program into effect in 2008.

The JLGA Bayou Certified Program is open to any Louisiana youth or adult Louisiana breeder providing they are current on their dues (at the time goat(s) are being submitted for Bayou Certification) & have met all requirements for the Bayou Certified Program.

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor, their parents, &/or guardians to question the breeder & make sure the offspring are eligible for the JLGA Bayou Certified Program.  The Breeder is defined as the owner of the dam (of the offspring a JLGA member is wishing to register as "Bayou Certified") at time of conception.

The JLGA "Bayou Certification Program" also known as "Bred & Born in the Bayou State" Program, is solely owned & operated by the JLGA & any part or in whole cannot be used by another association, organization, or non-sponsored JLGA show, without written permission from the Junior Louisiana Goat Association (JLGA).

PROGRAM  RULES In order for a goat to be classes as "Bayou Certified" & compete for awards as such as JLGA sponsored shows, they must meet all the following requirements.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!
1.  Person submitting goats for Bayou Certification must be a current paid JLGA member in good standings at time 
     Certification is being submitted.  Membership forms can be found under the "Members" tab.
2.  Dams of offspring being Bayou Certified, must have been bred in the State of Louisiana.  Conception may be by                  natural or artificial means, but must have taken place in Louisiana. If by artificial means, breeder (upon               request) must be able to verify that the procedure took place within the State of of Louisiana.  Offspring form does
    that were taken out of state to be bred or had A.I. (Artificial Insemination) or Flush procedures done out of state are          ineligible to be Bayou  Certified.
3.  Must have been born & being raised in the state of Louisiana.
4.  All Market Goats & Commercial Does a JLGA member wishes to have registered in the JLGA "Bred    & Born in the             Bayou State" herd books & be eligible to compete as such at JLGA shows, should have a USDA Louisiana scrapie tag       in  their ear.  For LaMancha cross Market Goats &/or does who inherit the LaMancha ear, please have a USDA                     Louisiana Scrapie   tag assigned to that as suggested in the "JLGA Show Rule" under "Scrapie Tags."  Show rules
    can be found under the   "Members" tab.
5.  For all registered goats, it is recommended that all of these goats a JLGA Member wishes to have registered as Bayou
     Certified, either have a USDA Scrapie Tag in their ear or have one assigned to each goat with identification on back of   
     the tag as listed in the JLGA Show Rules under the suggested Scrapie Program section.  This can be found under the 
     "Members" tab.  If the exhibitor chooses to participate in the Scrapie Program, but also chooses to not put the tag in      
     their goats ears, we ask that they please follow the suggestions as listed above (in the JLGA Show Rules under Scrapie 
     Program) & have those tags on them at all times they are checking in or on the ring, for easy identification if the need 
6.  All Commercial Does must have COM tattooed in one ear (preferably the right) & DOE tattooed in the other ear 
     (preferably the left).  NO EXCEPTIONS!!

1.  Bayou Certified goats compete for extra awards at all JLGA show & also for "End of Year" Awards.
2.  Youth & Adult JLGA Breeder Members will have their farm or ranch listing on the JLGA website.
3.  Youth JLGA Breeder members will be eligible to count points for "End of Year" JLGA Bayou Certified Youth Breeder.
4.  Adult JLGA Breeder members will be eligible to count points for "End of Year" JLGA Adult Bayou Certified Breeder, 
     providing there are at least 3 current Adult Breeder Members for that year.  This award is sponsored by outside funds.

HOW TO BAYOU CERTIFY ELIGIBLE GOATS:  If a current JLGA member wishes to Bayou Certify eligible goats, then they must do so prior to the start of the first show that they wish to show the goats as Bayou Certified.  All Bayou Certification fees are to be paid at time of check-in.  If it is registered goats, please make sure to bring their registration papers along with a copy to be kept on file.  Once classes have started on day of show, Bayou Certification will be closed till the completion of that day's show.

THE BAYOU CERTIFIED PROGRAM DOES NOT REQUIRE THE USE OF AN EAR FOR BAYOU CERTIFICATION IDENTIFICATION There are certain breeds of goats whom for show purposes in their respective sanctioned breed shows that are not ear tagged.  Also there are the LaManchas that hardly have any ears at all.  The JLGA believes that ALL qualifying Bayou Certified goats, regardless of the breed of goat, should be able to be recognized as such.

Therefore at this time, the JLGA does not ear tag ANY goats for the Bayou Certified Program.  The JLGA Adult Secretary keeps a list of all Bayou Certified goats.

BAYOU CERTIFICATION FEES $10.00 per goat for the life of the goat.

All Bayou Certification fees go right back to the youth.  These funds are set aside to help with the cost of "Bayou Certified" awards & premiums given at JLGA sponsored shows to "Bayou Certified" goats.

AOB Bucks - AOB Companion Wethers (2012) - AOB Does - Commercial Does - Dairy Bucks - Dairy Does - Fullblood Boer Bucks - Fullblood Boer Does - Market Goats - Percentage Boer Does - Pygmy Bucks (2011) - Pygmy Does (2011)

PURCHASED GOATS THAT MAY HAVE ALREADY BEEN BAYOU CERTIFIED:  If you have purchased a goat (especially an older goat or one that has been shown before on the JLGA circuit) & are unsure it if has been previously Bayou Certified, you can check the Bayou Certified Tables under the "Members" tag.  Please note tables only go back two years.  If you have purchased a goat older than that & would like to check it's Bayou Certified status, then please contact the JLGA Secretary.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY If, at anytime after a goat has been Bayou Certified, a goat is determined not to be eligible for Bayou Certification, Bayou Certification for that goat will no longer be valid.  All Bayou Certified points previously earned will be pulled & goat will no longer be eligible to count Bayou Certified points.  Bayou Certification fees paid for that goat are non-refundable.  These goat(s) may continue to compete as Overall entries.  The JLGA is not responsible for breeder's mis-interpretation of the JLGA Bayou Certified Program or misrepresentation of a breeder's goat(s) Bayou Certification eligibility.

PROGRAM VIOLATIONS:  On a case by case bases, if the situation arises that a goat was misrepresented as being eligible to be "Bayou Certified," the person submitting the Bayou Certification for that goat may bear full responsibility including but not limited to reimbursement to JLGA for any awards, premiums, ribbons, etc. that were awarded to that non-qualifying goat.

Disciplinary actions may be carried out including but no limited to fines, suspension of Bayou Certification privileges for a set amount of time & possibility of permanent suspension from the Bayou Certification Programs.

MORE INFORMATION:  If you have questions about the Bayou Certified Program or questions on eligibility of your goats, please contact Cynthia Hailey JLGA Secretary atboeredsillygoatranch@hotmail.com or you can message her on Facebook or call 318-992-4168.  If no answer, please leave a message with a good time for your call to be returned.

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