Junior Louisiana Goat Association


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1. New Class on trial Basis ~ Nigerian Dwarf Bucks
2. Definition of JLGA Family for Family Membership Purposes ~ Parents ~ Siblings ~ Grand Parents ~ Legal Guardians
3. 2016 Entry Discounts ~ Discounts apply within the same immediate family only
Entries #1 through #10 $15.00 each
Entries #11 through #19 $10.00 each
Entries #20 & above $ 5.00 each
4. Age Breakdown for AOB Companion Wethers to change to the following (same as breeding classes):
0 to under 3 months
3 months to under 6 months
6 months to under 9 months
9 months to under 12 months
Junior Champions Chosen
12 months to under 18 months
18 months to under 24 months
24 months to under 36 months
36+ months
Senior Champions Chosen
Show Champions Chosen
5. AOB Companion Wethers may also show as Market Goats IF they are dehorned & slick sheared & a separate entry fee 
is paid. This will work the same as the rule already in place regarding non-bred does that may also show as market & 
then in their respective classes, as long as a separate entry fee is paid.
6. AOB Companion Wethers may be slick sheared.
7. AOB Companion Wethers & Non-bred does that are competing in both the Market Classes & their respective registered classes, will not be counted off for being slick sheared.                  

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Show #3 April 22  Covington

1515 North Florida Street

Covington, La 70434 

Show #1 March 11  Leesville




Bred and Born

in the Bayou State

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We would like to take this opportunity to say "Thanks" to all 2016 JLGA Members,Parents, Guardians, Breeder Members, Sponsors, Adult Advisors, & JLGA Board of Directors for making the 2015 Show Season a great success. 
Special "Thanks" to our Parent & Youth Volunteers who helped out at the Market scales, in the show ring keeping classes straight, handing out ribbons & awards,
& making sure everyone was accounted for. We certainly 

couldn't have done it without everyone.



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   "KIDS" The Future of the Goat Industry

Show #5 August 26 Natchitoches

Show #7 October

In conjunction with the State Fair of La


Show #6 September 16 Alexandria

Show #2 April 1 Crowley

Show #4 June 3rd Ruston

JLGA 2016

"End of Year"

Awards  Banquet  

was a success. What a great group of families we have.

2017 Youth officers

President  Hallie Kay

Vice President Hayden Burnett

Secretary  Aiden Bamburg

Reporter Berlin Raidl